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Payroll Services
Cheadle Hulme, Manchester, Cheshire

If you require Payroll Services in Cheadle Hulme, Manchester or Cheshire contact our experts today. Our professional accountant can offer advice for your business.

Are you a small business owner and require Manchester payroll services? H. Stone and Co provide outsourced payroll services and accounting services for our North-West business clients, with over thirty years of experience. 

Choosing our Payroll Team

Our fully qualified, expert payroll team can ensure UK companies receive full payroll services, saving time and promptly paying their employees. 

We understand the business objectives of small businesses and large organisations as payroll professionals and continue to work closely alongside HM Revenue and Customs. 

You will have peace of mind when our team calculate and pay payroll tax, giving you one less thing to do. We never miss a date and ensure everyone is paid and taxed the correct amount. We want to help your business thrive and move you forward in the right direction. 

Some of our outsourced payroll services include: Payroll Services Cheadle Hulme, Manchester, Cheshire

-Pay as you earn (PAYE)

Most employers pay income tax through PAYE, deducting income tax and national insurance before paying employees their wages and pension contributions. Of course, self-employed or sole traders may rely on self-assessment tax returns. We can also aid with filling out tax returns.

-National insurance (NI)

This factor depends on how much employees earn and their employment status, which can become incredibly time-consuming for larger companies. Employment Allowance for your National Insurance contributions can be lowered in some cases, so contact our team to see if you're eligible. 

-Statutory sick pay (SSP)

As an employer, this SSP payment covers employees when they are too ill to work, only available for up to 28 weeks. We can manage this figure for you and ensure your staff receive their SSP payments.

-Statutory maternity pay (SMP)

Before tax, employees are entitled to 90% of their average weekly earnings for the first six weeks. After that, the payments become more complicated, which is where you require our expertise. 

-Family tax credit (FTC)

HMRC pays this to families with children, independent of child benefits. This support requires proper financial planning, and we can assist with that. 

-Attachment of earnings orders (AEO)

When you owe a debt, you must complete an AEO form - diverting the wages. When juggling a company, this can be confusing and stressful, so let us help you complete this on time.  


Where employees receive a P11D, you must inform HMRC about all benefits in kind. Interest-free loans and company cars, for example.


Annually, all employees at your company must complete this annual return form for the tax year-end. All relevant financial details are included in this form. 

-Benefits in kind

Employers that provide employees with non-cash items or benefits that have monetary value are still liable as taxable income and must be documented as such. 

-Student loans

Borrowed money to aid with tuition fees must be paid back after graduation, which is included in the monthly payslips when earning over the current UK threshold.


Each payroll must cover employee pension rates, as the Department for Work and Pensions outlines its guidelines. Contact our team today for more information on this. 

Our business clients range many services in Manchester from small family-run traders to established companies. As chartered accountants, we can help those outsourcing payroll and provide email payslips, arrange payments, statutory sick pay and other time-consuming accounting queries. We offer a truly personal service from professionals who understand our client's business objectives, using the most modern and updated payroll software to complete financial processes on the daily.  

It is of the utmost importance your staff are paid on time, regardless of illness or holidays. If your team are kept happy, your business and mental state will thrive as a manager. Our dedicated team of payroll professionals ensure you never miss a payroll date and all staff are paid the correct amount. Most importantly, we believe outsourcing a payroll service shouldn't break your bank, so we offer a cost-effective solution without losing out on quality.

Payroll Services

Payroll Outsourcing

If you are looking for auto-enrolment, monthly summaries, CIS returns, employee payslips or departmental reports, we have assisted many businesses get a real hold on their payroll and various other taxes. 

Our accounting workforce aims for the best possible impact on your business, ensuring all your payrolls are paid on time, leaving you time to focus on what matters: running your business. 

Unlike a general accounting firm, we specialise in payroll, alleviating the stress from your HR, admin and finance teams. When you hire our services, you can expect compliance support, taxes calculated and paid for you and a unified technology you cannot get elsewhere. 

Why Use PAYE and Payroll Services?

While providing excellent service, our payroll experts can make your life much easier by assisting with statutory maternity pay, workplace pensions, national insurance and organising your tax returns to the correct amount. This not only makes your business run smoothly but keeps you ahead of the competition - leaving you agile and responsive to anything your business encounters.

As an accounting firm, we cover all aspects from bookkeeping to managing and dealing with payroll, depending on what you require from us. We offer many other services throughout the Manchester area, prioritising business needs at all points. We will have access to hire dates, job titles and pay rates, giving us all the information we need to calculate and transfer payments to each employee on time. 

We want to alleviate the burden and costs associated with completing reports and payroll services. Whether you are VAT registered or not, our accountancy firm is here for you. We understand the importance of a business that runs smoothly, with a team and payroll software you can trust - which is why we only use the best and constantly review ourselves for internal errors. 

Please contact one of the best Manchester accounting teams today for legislation and expertise on payslips and financial support. 

If you require payroll services for Cheadle Hulme, Manchester or Cheshire speak to our experts today. Call 0161 482 8700 to speak to our specialist accountants today.